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cnblue_grafic's Journal

C.N.Blue Graphic Community
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Welcome to cnblue_grafic, the community where you can show all your graphic on the amazing Kpop band, C.N.Blue.

Here You Can Post:
and All the C.N.Blue graphic you can think of ^^

Useful Links
CNBLUE Official Site
Code Azzurro
Code Azzurro on Youtube
Community Rules
How to Tag Post
Rules I
Rules II
- You must Join to post your graphic here
- You MUST read the rules & the how to tag post before you join.
- ALWAYS Tag your post, it'll keep the community nice and fast to be used for other users. If you don't, you'll get one warning. If you don't tag your post a second time, your post will be deleted.
- I don't have much time to tag the post myself, since I'm currently the only mod, so help me ^_^
- You can post max 4 icons as a Teaser and just 2 pictures bigger than 100x100 pixels.
- Your teaser MUST contain at least ONE C.N.Blue icon or picture.
- YOu can post directly to this community or you can post on your graphic community/journal.
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